Wardrobe & Almira-Attire Emperor-5D-Mahogany - Pigment Painting-14020

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  • Size:

                      Length: 880mm                  Width: 475mm                   Height: 1360mm
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    1.Origin: Bangladesh

    2.Brand: Akij Plastics

    3.Long lasting design

    4.Durable Plastics

    5.Easy to carry

    6.Full front area is printed

    7.Part of part continuouity is print design,

    8.Each panel is printed edge to edge.

    9.Illusion 3D effect is design outlook

    10.Touch feeling on printed surface.

    11.Pleasant Perfumed Drawer

    12.Termite proof body

    13.Cockroach repellent inner side

    14.Effortless moving wheels

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